First of all let me wish you all a Happy New Year woohoo yaaay!!!! Hehehe I know it’s already mid-year and I’ve been completely lazy with this blog but then I’ve been super busy with life so no vex abeg. Hope everyone is well though? Nothing special to write mehn just bored, it’s almost 2am plus sleep has disappeared, that nap was a bad idea.
Last time I wrote on here was last year after my undergrad and the many weddings  *2012 was amazing*. So what am I up to these days? Well I started my Masters degree in Pharmacology last year September and I’ll be done with that in 4months mehn time flew lol but I can’t wait to be done coz I don tire. I have to admit though, I’m doing pretty well and I enjoy the course. I’m also a lot more serious, I don’t know if that’s due to maturity or the fact that I had to fork out a painful £5000 tuition fees kaii. That’s my academic life in a nutshell, such fun!!
A year older (April baby) and much wiser, on the personal front erm nothing to say really.  Single life is beaurriful (-__-) lmaoo!!! Ok honestly it’s not bad, I’m just too damn busy for anything else. No worries though, at least I’m not being  pressured to bring home a boyfriend, not yet anyways, lol yesterday my aunt expressed her shock at my singleness  LMAO she said “ehn you berra shine your eyes well well” mehn I could only laugh. I need a new set of eye candy coz God knows I cannot deal with Notts guys and their ultraskinny jeans swag with Alladin shoes, please invest in a mirror.

My social life needs an upgrade, can’t even remember the last time I partayyed SMH is this life? Ehn at this age I still haven’t been on holiday lol can you imagine? … *2 weeks in naija 3 years ago does not count jor abeg*. I need a break badly, been thinking of sneaking to Paris briefly, one of these days but I don’t think Mama Funke will approve. What your mum don’t know won’t kill her sha 😉
Anyways I made some new friends on the MSc program. Amazing people, they made going to Uni interesting and motivating so I hope we keep in touch and they are defo invited to my wedding 😀 looool whenever that is. Finally got my drivers license yaaay, buying a car soon with a budget of £600 lmaoo, it seems impossible so I might have to settle with a Ford KA that looks like a toddler’s shoe, for now at least until I can afford that Bentley 😉
Soooo that’s pretty much all I’ve been up to lately, MSc dominates at the moment but I see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m grateful to God for everything. Sleep is still not here but I’m tired of typing so ciao guys. I will try to blog more, no promises lol.


About cestlavie20s

I am frickinnn amazing!! Watch this space

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  1. Ore Fadekemi says:

    I even had to un earth your blog! That how much I miss you bish…

    Let’s see if you can guess who I am

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