Meet me at the altar in your white dress
We ain’t gettin no younger we might as well do it
Been feelin’ you all the while girl I must confess
Girl let’s just get married I just want to get married

***singing*** Jagged Edge – Lets Get married

Hmmm its just a song oo Ok so you may feel misled by the title of this post but just assume I’m selling you insurance, you know how those people will go through any length to get your attention. At least something is true about the title of this post, WEDDINGS, ooh la la I’ve caught the wedding bug and I izz Feeling IT. Last month was very eventful and expensive kaii, the bank balance is not smiling at the moment.

First there was my graduation ceremony, yes ladies and gents I’m a GRADUATE *pakurumo-ing*. The results eve was one of the craziest night of my life, my housemate and I couldn’t handle the anxiety so we went to a nearby park and went on the swings lol, constantly checking if the results had been updated from OluwaTat’s phone. My heart was doing 500mph mehnn but it didn’t get updated till about 4am. I got a PING from OluwaTats saying the results are out, to be honest i thought it was one of her stupid pranks that she’d been playing all day but I checked for the result online regardless and OMG it was on :O. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that elated feeling like phew, we both ran out and met each other halfway screaming , literally, in our panties pahahaha :D. The grad ceremony was live sha and the best thing about that day was the proud look across my parents face that said “yehhh our coital product is a now Graduate”, thank God mehn. That’s only half the journey, MSc next by God’s grace.

Two weeks after grad came one of my friends wedding, had to travel to Grimsby (sounds like a place in a fairytale lol). The wedding was absolutely beautiful as in, my girl was looking on point oh and her dress BANGINGGG, even made one of my other friends cry and yours truly teary-eyed lol. Every wedding I’ve ever been to were all with my parents so this particular was even more special because it was just myself and some friends. The whole time I was planning in my head what my wedding would be like but only for basic things coz wedding is not on the agenda yet oo incase my family members are reading this and accusing me like this:

Soon I’d be going to wedding every weekend but first I need to make more girlfriends coz my social circle is kinda lacking at the moment. More weddings coming up, cousin this month and a family friend next month….ooh can’t wait. So now that grad is over and masters isn’t too far off, I suppose it’s time I start concocting my own life plan but mehrr can’t be bothered. Stole this hilariousnessness off a friend’s BBm display picture and it made me laugh so hard, maybe because I can relate to it.

Ok just thought i should update something since it’s been ages and it turns out to be this long essay, sorry mehnn I talk a lot. Oh well time to take a trip to the village to visit the family, it’s long overdue.

Enjoy your week


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