HOLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAA WAZZZAAAAAAAP WOOOHOOOO!!!!  I hope u can sense the excitement I’m feeling right now ……. (I’ll give you a minute to feel it if you haven’t) pahahaha the schweeet smell of FREEDOM!!!

Ok I’m normal now. Hi guys, hope you’re all doing fine. I’m writing this from my parent’s house in the Hamptons (loool not the real Hamptons oo) so yes yes exams are  OVER (WhippingMaHurr) so hayam free, hayam happy and hayam so overjoyed I could sing opera. I have resumed Youtube duty lool we rekindled our love, *ooh la la baby smooch smooch*, and the world has been a better place ever since 😀 and I even found a funny video that sums up uni life.

Revision took over my life, if you see what I look like right now, you’d either laugh at me or cry for me lol, I still haven’t de-tramped.

hahahaha, Lord help me ooo!!

My hair is its most shambolic state, so embarrassing *sigh*. Anyways it’s done now and I’m thankful to God and I pray my results are el fantastico. These past three years have been the greatest life teacher of all. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and others in the “real world”. There’s a lot they don’t tell you about university until you get there and experience it all for yourself, definitely an eye opener.

My advice is simple, look before you leap and don’t loose yourself, and that applies to every little thing you do.

So now that I’m a free bird, came to check up on the family briefly before I run back to my city because it takes me only two days to get irritated with this town. I did miss my family though, they are funny. The whole exam period, I was gassing about how much I’m going to have fun, YOLO like crazy and party hard but like the true granny that I am, all I’ve done is watch TV, Youtube and Instagram (fadekemz, follow ya girl) day and night hahaha, so much for YOLO. I have a couple of interesting things lined up though and I’ll give you a gist of  the gistable ones 😉 .

Later guys, I’ll try to post more entries since I have plenty of free time (emphasis on TRY). Have a lovely weekend and party hard woohoo!!!

Keep pakurumo-ing


PS: YOLO means You Only Live Once and it’s pretty much an excuse or an extra push you need if you want to do something out of your comfort zone, not an excuse to go crazy though lol


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