WAZZZAAAAPPPPP guys 😀 ??? So I haven’t been on here for a while lol tut tut flopping already but to be honest this is the longest I have ever stuck to any new years resolution so yaay 😛 *patting myself on the back*

There are so many things going on right now as in my mind is just all over the place. Exams starts in eleven days aarrghhh and  I am not prepared, at all.

It was my birthday last month, (April 23rd) yes yes I can legally drink alcohol in America now ;). I didn’t really do anything OTT due to uni commitments, just spent it with few friends (maybe I’ll put some pics up later, MAYBE oo). It was fun to a point but obviously I wish I could have gone out parrying but all the same I enjoyed it.

EXAMSSSS aaah why do they exist??? Jheeze there is so much to learn and my motivation level is borderline 0%. Makes me question my dedication as in WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO mehnn???. This are my last set of exams and graduation is only couple of months away so why am I slacking this much??*sigh*

My attention span is almost shorter than a goldfish’ memory, I just can’t seem to retain anything in my head.I read one past question from my Immunology and Virology module, and panic-mode got activated, it looked like a completely different language *thumbs down* and the lecturer only sent us one past paper ¬_¬ kmttt yeye person

I’ve been going to few revision lectures and out of four modules, only one lecturer took pity on us and kinda sorta hinted the questions to expect, the others have been so stingy chai  this people are not nice oo. May 25th cannot come quick enough, I will do the dougie-alantaWhipMaHurrBack’n’Forth-azonto-pakurumo all at once, out of that our campus.

All the same, I’m thankful that God brought me this far so maybe I should stop complaining like a sule. To you guys in a similar situation, I wish you all the best; STUDY HARD & PART-AYYY HARDER (afterwards obviously 😉 lool)

Keep Pakurumo-ing



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  1. Believe it or not, exams are good for you. They help you to know your ability is sertain area. If you put your mind in what you are going, you should be happy to do exams on them.

  2. Benny says:

    exams is good for you. I love your blog. A nice thing you can discover from me today

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