I’m not sure this post title is a word but I think it should be. I wanna ranttt get briefly, it has been a very very horribly week aah I cannot wait to graduate, I think I’m tired of education.
Thirteen courseworks for what reason, and I heard some people only have like 6 courseworks and one exam uuurrrgh they better. leave uni with a first degree. It gets me so angry. So I just met my supervisor who told me my dissertation is not detailed enough. Well whoopty-dee-doo uurrrgghhhh. I’m sleep deprived and my eyes look like puff-puff…..iiii jussstt wannnaaaa sleeepppp. All these work better be worth it.
Anyways hope you guys have enjoyed my rantology, gotta get bk to work in the library plus, my fingers are tired of typing and my phone battery I dying…Sony Ericsson is a disgrace at time.
Have a nice weekend guys

Keep pakurumoing



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I am frickinnn amazing!! Watch this space

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