Ignore the title, my brain was too tired to think of a proper one. It’s been a while…I’m already slacking in this blog-ness I got myself into…shame Funke, I have been more lazier than usual so I don’t really have an excuse. Since this blog is like my diary, I really feel like just talking absolute randomness today so bear with whatever I write as I have nothing specific to blog about.

We are past halfway into February like wow, where are these days and times are running to eh?! I hope you guys are alright though and hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day…even you single bunnies’ lol. I didn’t really do anything interesting either unless you think going to uni to answer questions about a scientific poster is interesting -_-…I’m a bit sceptical about Valantynes day but I won’t go into that, you don’t need a novice like me telling you why the day sucks.

I have become fully nocturnal now as in hardly any sleep and I don’t like it at all, I feel like I’ve been sleeping too much or not enough (yes confused.com) and not getting anything substantial done. I really need to make a timetable or invite my mum to cane me into revision mode or something. And ermmm drumroll please, yaaay our graduation dates are out *eeeek* , I’m really psyched actually coz’ now the pressure is on. Now I just need a way to stop all these distractions, I swear Youtube is the enemy, I’ve just spent over three to four hours watching movies, funny videos and old school Naija tunes like I have no work to do, can you imagine? Sigh!!! I molested the replay button on this old skool banger…the video is still hot, i musy have been like 6 years old lool aaw!!!

Being the introvert that I am, I’m not the most outgoing person but my social life lately in this year has been absolutely shambolic. I don’t communicate with people as much as I used to, some close friends on BB even thought my BBm was inactive because I don’t update as much (allegedly oo), in order words, I’ve been a social GHOST sha. I suppose that was slyly part of my new year resolutions along with going to church and I’m ashamed to say the latter has been an EPIC FAIL, I’m sure God is not impressed!

I’m not trying to ignore anyone, I just really need to concentrate this year because I must graduate by fire by force in few months because I’ve had enough of my course and besides, Mama Funke has already planned out her outfit and gele (head-tie) for the special occasion so I can’t disappoint. I’m not really good at balancing work and play therefore I apologise to anyone that feels ignored by me; it’s not you it’s me.

Time to make some tough changes though, I mastered the art of procrastination when I started university education, now I need to get my ish together and be more productive. I need to break up this my addictive on-going relationship with Youtube and TV streaming website *sob sob*. A new sleeping pattern is pending, I have realised that sleepless nights make me extremely bored and hungry thus leading to many trips to the fridge, which brings me to my final point…

…GYM aargh the bane of my life at the moment. I pay those suckers over £30 per month and I only go like once or twice a week (5 mins walk from my house) lol plus it doesn’t help that my gym buddy/housemate aka Tatenda aka OluwaTat can be very useless and probably the worst motivator when it comes to gym but knows how to convince me to have Nandos’ ¬_¬



Ok I’m tired of typing and I’m gonna attempt to induce sleep even if I have to count sheep. Have a lovely weekend guys and stay blessed mii lovelies

Keep pakurumo-ing



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