Hello guys, it’s been awhile now that I’ve had this idea of writing an article relating to relationships, single life, etc. and Funke gladly agreed to put my article on her blog . With Valentine’s day coming up, there’s this buzz for single people to get someone so as not to spend the day alone but what some people fail to realise is that you can have someone right in front of you on valentine’s day for a ‘date’ and still be lonely. If you feel like that will be the case for your ‘valentine’s date’, then you might as well go jam with friends who aren’t doing anything on that day and have fun to the max rather than been stuck somewhere you have to use flat-lines automated responses (‘lol’, ‘ok’, ‘hmn’, ‘really’).

No matter how much you regret an old relationship, be the bigger person and reflect on the time you thought being with that person was the right decision and learn from it to make your next relationship better. It’s very very easy to judge someone but don’t make conclusions until you know what the person has learned from their mistakes. Pains and hurts are often necessary in order to build you up and make you a stronger individual. Without pain, you won’t have experienced the whole chain that leads to happiness and won’t really be able to appreciate when someone comes along to erase all the hurts and pains.

Some people spend all their ‘Single period’ searching for their next link or a partner (neglecting themselves) when they would have benefitted more from focusing on themselves & making themselves right enough in the right places so as to be stable enough to be a reliable partner. Some people are into getting to know their partners friends, etc. quickly into their relationship. It’s better to know your partner on a one-to-one deeper level to solidify the foundations of your relationship before bringing other people into it. Some people out there have the innate ability to crush down a relationship that could have being good, before it even started.

Not everyone you tell about your crush/interest/relationship is really happy for you, some just wanna know so they can cockblock it and before you know it, everything would have flat-lined. There’s no ‘Right couple’, just two people who have invested enough time in developing themselves personally, and are stable enough to support each other and their joint strengths overshadows the individual weaknesses they might have.



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