I have been forever nursing this urge, this desire, this longing, this yearning (lol ok so you get the point) to go to Naija for a while now (Nigeria for you non-naijas). I don’t see myself going there anytime soon though especially not in the country’s current state of turmoil; praying for Naija oo abeg. I think I really miss the food as well lol, if only I could just teleport there, buy suya from dad’s regular mallam, holler at my family and teleport back here. The notion of teleportation could get me killed cos’ they might assume I appeared by juju (voodoo) so until a teleportation device is invented, I shall sit my ass here and face reality.

I forgot to say hi lol so Wazzaaaaaaappp guys??? hope you are all good :). Welcome to JOTW 1 where I shall be unloading the main highlights of this almost-ending week. I wouldn’t say it was the best week ever but all thanks to God still.

Anyways junk of this week

  1. Coursework deadline: I didn’t really understand the immunology coursework plus the calculations put me off but I did my best with help from some colleagues (thanks guysJ). I submitted the coursework a minute before deadline *makes the 1000th mental note to stop leaving coursework till last seconds*
  2. “Window” shopping: (in Pri-marni) and by that I meant window shopping that turned into actual shopping, with my friends. They had some nice stuff but I’m sure I’m not the only person that has noticed how Primark prices have gone cuckoo in the last few year. Came back home with a nice leather bag and a red gilet.
  3. Ostrich burger:eew eew eew, one of my friends bought this and we all had a little taste and eerm I just didn’t feel right eating an ostrich, the poor bird has become part of our diet probably because it cannot fly off, shame! It tasted a bit like fish-beef-chicken all rolled into one! YUCK

    The ostrich burger seller man...notice the board "kangaroo and venison aka deer or antelope burger" chaii, no way mehnn

  4. New laptop yaaaay:*pakurumo-ing” it was about time! It was quite emotional abandoning my old laptop actually because it was my first love and you know what they say about your first love, bye HP :(. I bought a SAMSUNG 300V5A because it was sooo pretty 😀 lol ok it also has a faster processor and bla bla bla but it was love at first sight so kiss kiss.                                                                                              My new lappy and my ex *sobs*

    New love, My ex

    New baby, my ex-baby

  5. Gym..home of dead muscles:  it was supposed to for a  be swim and just so you know, I can’t swim at all so it was my first time and I was super excited and at the same time worried even though OluwaTat reassured me. Thankfully though, there was swimming classes going on at that time so we didn’t have access to the pool and went to work out instead. It was my first time back in a gym since April 2011 so of course my idle muscles were crying in the form of sweat after only 30 minutes! Facepalm lol

    How to truthfully weigh yourself

  6. Cinema: watched “Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” with BSC and it was as good as I expected. Rooney Mara made the emo-gothic-punk-rock-bi or lesbo or whatever look hot, and if I swung both ways then she’s be my type but I don’t :/. And Daniel Craig is hot, just thought I’d throw that in.
  7. My weekend: it was pretty basic. Cooked, TV, slept and attempted to complete another coursework, emphasis on the word “attempted”! Coursework won’t be the death of me

Overall, it was an OK week, could be better but course work comes first, unfortunately. I hope you guys had a good week and if you didn’t, tomorrow is another day.

Keep pakurumo-ing



PS: I really want hot suya



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  1. Tru Dee says:

    lol i like dis post… 4got abt da ostrich burger for a second…I guess I shd come to urs soon jst to see ur new baby init…looks nice from I’m standing!

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