Hola gente (Spanish for hello people for you olodos 😀 ), I’m supposed to be doing my immunology coursework, yaaay so much funnn (¬_¬). It involves lots of calculations and I nonchalantly dropped my mathematical skills after GCSEs thinking I wouldn’t have to use it much but oh nooooo I have not been able to avoid it ever since, resulting in my current state of confusion and boredom. I tried disturbing people I haven’t spoken to in months on BBm but my network has been MIA all day and after curbing the temptation of smashing against the wall several times, I decided to switch it off (damn you t-mobile). I don’t have anything in particular to write about so I shall sit here, stare into space and let my mind wander until I think of something to write or figure out the calculations of the “recovered peripheral blood mononuclear cells”, I really need to stop daydreaming in seminars.  

One episode of The Game and a cup of tea later…

My housemate just came into my room and gave me her sad puppy eyes which could only mean two things 1) either she wants something or 2) she wants to vent out something bothering her. In this case, it was the latter. Now to be completely honest, I’m not the best listener in the world and I’m not saying I’m the worst but blehh I do try. So she talked and I listened to how she misses being young bla bla bla lol she sounded like she was about to turn 40 or something, weirdo. Everything she said made sense though; we’ve just started out journey into the 20s and it started off exciting and that but now we are just discovering how scary it is. In few months, we will be graduating and going into the world *drum roll* and no one is really sure of how their life is going to work out in the future.


We all have plan A and the decisions we make now can affect the rest of our lives so I suppose it’s advisable to make a plan. The saying goes “don’t make plan a plan B because it’ll distract you from your plan A”. When we were young, most of our decisions were made by parents or guardians now it feels like we are on our own aaah crap.

Not to sound like I’m having a quarter-life crisis as such but we have reach the age where everyone is sorting out different aspects of their lives. Some are making money doing legit business, some of my age mates have kids and I know a couple of people that are engaged to be married soon and I’m super excited for them. I’m not saying I want a baby at this age or hinting that I wanna get married anytime soon oo in-case Mama Funke is reading this and thinking some guy has been “toasting” me for corner corner (as she says lol). All I’m saying is that time is moving extremely quick and in about 4 years I’ll be receiving more wedding and baby shower invitations (o_O) from my friends although I’m looking forward to that on a sly.

I guess the future is just one of those things we have to take chances at coz I’m getting tired of being anxious over it. If you have a plan, stick to it. If your plan flops hard then try again or move on to greener pastures. It is as simple as that or is it?????? Guess we’ll find out!!

“I reached for the stars but I just kept slippin
On this life mission, never know what’s next” – (Rule – NAS ft Amerie)

Keep pakurumo-ing



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  1. Tru Dee says:

    lool @ mama Funke!….I like this post! keep them coming

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